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Reason To Choose Komao Medical For Your Hair Transplant?

Great Service

A typical procedure consists of 2,000 grafts which takes the Komao Medial team around 5 hours to complete. There are other features of the service such as the initial consultation and great aftercare which other surgeries charge for, however Komao Medial does not because our patients are the most important element of our service.


Hair transplant surgeons require a lot of training before they’re able to practice the procedure professionally. Our surgeons have developed all the necessary skills and the required precision from over a number of years. Komao Medial combines art and science to achieve the great and natural looking results for our customers. We make sure that the hair is strategically placed to create a natural look because we shall be assessed on the results and the results alone. This level of expertise comes with experience and Komao Medical is proud to have a team of excellent surgeons who proudly serve the community of London and Greater London.

Komao Medical believes that when it comes to your hair, we should not have to compromise on quality. There are plenty of places all over the world that you can have a hair transplant procedure performed, some a lot cheaper than others and other more expensive than ourselves, however, you need to ask yourself if you really want to take a chance on getting a transplant that’s sub-standard or if you want to overpay needlessly for a procedure just because you can. Komao Medical offers value and trust to all our customers.


When you go to a reputable surgeon with a lot of experience like Komao Medical, then you’re guaranteed to get a certain level of quality and aftercare. We assure you that you cannot put a price on aftercare, especially when it comes to something as important as your hair. Komao Medical does not charge you for our after-care service as we see this as our obligation and ‘not’ a cash generator.

Happy Customers

One important thing to remember before deciding on which hair transplant surgery to go with is that each hair loss pattern is very individualistic and therefore every treatment is, in many ways, a custom work. Our surgeons take the time to assess your baldness pattern and advise on the best procedure that will suit you. Yes, the price goes up if your transplant is huge but achieving the right standard comes with the right price – always remember that experience and expertise is highly regarded in this field. There are many stories about surgeries gone wrong but none of which are related to excellent work Komao Medical does for its loyal customers.
Skilled Doctors

Komao Medical doctors are very skilled and that’s why they are an essential part of our successful hair transplant service. They take time to carry out the procedure because it has to be done meticulously but fast enough to achieve the best results. When it comes to your hair, you do not want to compromise on standard. There are lots of places all over the world where you can have a hair transplant done, some a lot affordable than others, but you need to ask yourself if you truly want to take a chance on getting a transplant that is sub-standard?


When you go to an honest surgeon with a lot of experience then you are promised to get a certain level of standard and aftercare. You cannot put a price on this, especially when it comes to something as vital as you look.

Komao Medical is a leading hair transplant clinic in London. If you would like a free, non-obligatory quote or even some free advice then please get in touch with our friendly team and we shall be happy to communicate with you.

Email: info@komao.org.uk | Phone: 020 8749 4640 | Web: komao.org.uk