FUT VS FUE Comparison – Which is better?

Although similar in title, both these methods of hair transplant can differ greatly. Depending on their personal preferences, patients tend to choose one method over the other.

Advantages of FUT are:

  • Your donor area does not have to be shaved to provide access for the surgery
  • A preferred method for transplantation of a large area of hair
  • Removing hair strips take a shorter time period with FUT when compared to the FUE method

Disadvantages of FUT:

  • A scar may remain visible around the donor area. To prevent visibility, you may need to consider growing your hair a little longer in order to cover it
  • The recovery period is longer with FUT than it is with FUE (10-14 days)


  • People with long hair who are not likely to ever have short hair as there is often a scar left on the head with this method.
  • Patients with large baldness who need to receive a large number of grafts are best candidates for FUT.

Advantages of FUE are:

  • No scarring left on the scalp after the recovery is complete
  • The FUE method is particularly suitable for those who want to keep short hair
  • The recovery period is shorter than the FUT technique (5-7 days)

Disadvantages of FUE:

  • The process is more time-consuming
  • The price can be slightly higher


  • Younger individuals who tend to change their mind about their hairstyle. Less obvious scarring on the scalp seems to play an important role in pushing this age group towards this method.
  • People with small baldness area as the number of grafts needed for these patients will be limited.
  • People with short hair as FUE leaves very little scaring.
  • Those who have already had a previous FUT procedure and have been left with considerable scars around their scalp.

To summarise, there are benefits and disadvantages of both treatments and methods. As an individual, you should seek out a good hair transplant surgeon and request their advice and guidance. Komao Medical offers free advice and consultation including via video as well as free aftercare and advice. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant then get in touch with us for a no obligatory quote.

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