how long does a hair transplant last

How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

August 21, 2019

Movies and TV shows tend to mock the idea of hair loss as if it’s a problem for an unfortunate few. The reality is that it will touch most of us in our lives, especially men. In fact, 85% of men have hair loss by the age of fifty. With that number in mind, it’s […]

Get Rid of Wrinkles

Best Beauty Tips to Get Rid of Wrinkles

August 20, 2019

Who doesn’t want the youthful glow that goes with smooth and wrinkle-free skin? If you find yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror and scrutinising the fine lines on your face, stop worrying about your crow’s feet and start doing these things to prevent and treat wrinkles.   1. Sleep enough and sleep right. […]

Top 10 post op hair care

Top 10 medical list for post op hair care

August 6, 2019

Listed below are our top 10 pointers for post op hair care. 1. Moisturise grafts with normal saline for first 48 hours, don’t touch them and don’t shower, sleep upright.  2. Take bandage off after 48 hours and can have first shower (use Johnson baby shampoo) will sting! 3. After first 2 days use Johnson […]

benefits of botox

7 Surprising Benefits of Botox That You Didn’t Know

July 17, 2019

What comes to your mind when you think of Botox? You’re probably picturing wealthy women with smooth, wrinkle-free faces, right? Wrinkle reduction might be the most well-known way to use Botox, but it’s hardly the only one. It isn’t even the reason Botox’s creators developed it. Here’s a closer look into the lesser-known benefits of […]