A hair transplant procedure is a surgical one which involves the surgeon removing ‘grafts’ of hair from an area known as the donor site i.e. around the back and sides of the head or where there is still some growing hair, and transplanting to the area undergoing balding known as the receiving site. It is important that the hair from the donor site closes matches the hair on the receiving site as different parts of the anatomy produces different types of hair. For example, you would not want hair taken from your arms and implanted onto your head as arm hair is very thin in comparison to the hair which grows on your head.

In terms of male pattern balding the grafts are usually taken from the back of the head. The hair from this donor area is then transplanted to the balding region. This same hair restoration process can also be used for other issues including the requirement to restore eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair and chest hair. Other than in cases of vanity, hair transplant and restoration surgery is also an option in cases where hair loss is a result of scars from accidents or surgery including the results of previous hair transplant surgery.

Though the industry dates back to the 19th century, modern transplant methods started in 1930s when the surgeons made use of small grafts and “follicular unit grafts” to transform the impaired areas of eyelashes and eyebrows. Efforts for hair restoration began in the late 1950s when Norman Orentreich started using donor grafts for alopecia in patients experiencing male-related baldness.

In the last few years, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE for short) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) procedures have exploded in popularity. This is partly attributed to celebrities who have chosen either one of these procedures and partly to the advertising.

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