Getting a hair transplant is a huge commitment. Not only is it invasive, it is also costly, and requires some effort and attention on your part prior to and after the surgery to maintain the result. This is why getting the surgery can be a huge decision.

It will help if you know the questions you need to ask the clinic so you can make an informed decision based on their answers.

Here are the six questions you need to ask before taking the plunge and deciding to get hair transplant:

1. Who are part of the team who will perform the surgery and what are their qualifications?

The clinic’s answer to this question will let you know whether the number of personnel performing the surgery is enough, and whether all of them are qualified. It will let you know if a doctor will be present during the surgery. You can expect that if a doctor with international qualifications on hair transplant, like being a member of ISHRS or ABHRS, he or she have the necessary expertise and experience to deliver the results you want.

2. Am I a good hair transplant candidate?

Depending on your level of baldness and the health of your donor area, the clinic should be able to assess if hair transplant is right for you. They may also suggest less invasive hair treatments if the cause of your hair loss is reversible.

3. Will I need follow-up surgeries?

The clinic should be able to evaluate how many treatment procedures are necessary to achieve your desired results. They will take into consideration the level of hair loss and how well the remaining region can be safely harvested. In some cases, multiple sessions are needed.

4. Where can I see testimonials and examples from past patients?

You can possibly ask for references to talk to other patients yourself. You can learn about the procedure and the results post op and even a year after surgery from the patient’s perspective. Get an objective and unbiased opinion about the clinic based on actual experience.

5. What should I expect after the surgery?

Different individuals get different results with hair transplants so it is important to level your expectations. The clinic should be able to assess how successful the operation would be, and it is up to you if you still want to move forward knowing this.

6. What to do if I’m not satisfied with the results?

You should understand that, as with any other medical procedure, there are possibilities that the result may be different from what is expected. In that case, the clinic should offer you a biopsy to assess what’s wrong and offer touch-up sessions depending on the results of the assessment.

Call us now, and ask us the important questions before getting a hair transplant.